Volvo Makes Its Cars Safer With Cool New Key Fob

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It's the opposite of Dodge's red Hellcat key.

While Dodge has a red key fob that unlocks the full horsepower of its Hellcat models, Volvo has a very different red key that, rather than increasing the engine's output, allowed parents to set speed restrictions, speed warnings, and limit stereo sound levels for their teen drivers. Volvo has since changed the color of the key to a brownish-orange and adjusted the name to Care Key. The Care Key now comes standard on all 2021 Volvo models along with a new 112 mph speed limiter across the company's lineup.

These innovations help make all of the automaker's cars, even the performance models like the 2021 Volvo XC60 Hybrid Polestar Engineered, much safer. But what good is a safer car if the driver lacks the training to avoid a collision? Well, Volvo has a plan for that as well.


Volvo has teamed up with AAA to offer free access to a "How to Drive" online driver education course. AAA's 30-hour, self-paced course is the most comprehensive online driver school available, teaching student drivers more than the average driver's ed class. Only ten states still provide public driver's education, and more than 52 percent of Americans believe the system is outdated. A staggering 60 percent feel the driver's test was made to be passed, which may explain why our road fatality rates are so high. In the wake of the pandemic, many states simply give out driver's licenses without a proper road test.

"While Volvo strives to make the safest cars on the road, it is just as important for the safety of all that the driver feel prepared and confident behind the wheel," said Jim Nichols, Senior Product and technology Communications Manager for Volvo Car USA.

2018-2020 Volvo S90 Hybrid Frontal Aspect CarBuzz
2018-2020 Volvo S90 Hybrid Aft View CarBuzz

"In a year that has seen unprecedented disruption to driver education nationwide, we felt compelled to provide Volvo families with access to the best online learning platform available and tools like Care Key and AAA resources to help make the roads safer for everyone."

William Van Tassel, Ph.D., AAA driver training programs manager added that: "AAA is excited to partner with Volvo to help prepare new drivers for the rigors of driving on today's roads, and to use modern vehicle technologies safely and effectively." also offers tools like the Parents Coaching Guide and StartSmart Parent Session, which teach parents how to be better coaches for their student drivers. If you have a Volvo and a young teenager learning to drive, we highly recommend taking advantage of this free offer.


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2018-2020 Volvo S90 Hybrid Frontal Aspect
2018-2020 Volvo S90 Hybrid Aft View

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