Volvo Makes Music With XC60 Recharge To Target Younger Buyers

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It turns out the XC60 T8 Recharge is a musical instrument too.

One of Volvo's latest models, the XC60 Recharge, is a safe and comfortable electrified SUV that packs an almighty punch. With combined outputs of 455 horsepower and 523 lb-ft of torque on tap, it's a fiery family hauler. What's more, it's quite the looker and boasts a plush yet minimalist cabin.

But it's not exactly youthful, is it? That's not the XC60's fault - the Volvo badge has always been associated with a more mature, sober-suited audience. But its latest advertisement suggest the automaker is looking to change that. To capture the attention of hip millennials, the automaker has teamed up with YouTuber Andrew Huang and musician Dresage to create music using only the XC60.

Volvo Car USA/YouTube Volvo Car USA/YouTube

The 1:04-long video is composed entirely of the vehicle sounds, such as clicking indicators, whirring power seats, sliding electric windows, and slamming doors. Volvo Car USA's head of marketing told Automotive News that the advert aimed to appeal to Volvo's audience in a fresh new way.

"We wanted an opportunity to see if we could create a new piece for XC60 that could introduce our audience in a new and engaging way to the different features of the car," said Leigh Moynihan. The entertaining video showcases vehicle features that appeal to the eco-conscious, tech-driven young consumer. As such, plug-in hybrid technology is previewed, along with the air purifier, built-in Google capabilities, and elegant exterior design.

Huang and Dresage shared a video on the Volvo campaign. It's remarkable to see how the pair used the vehicle's components to create a unique tune.

Volvo Car USA/YouTube Volvo Car USA/YouTube

Huang, who has nearly 2.3 million subscribers, will introduce the XC60 Recharge to an entirely new customer base for Volvo. "It gives us that opportunity to hit the sweet spot in [an entertaining way]...There are a lot of really amazing features within the vehicle that we want to introduce younger audiences to," said Moynihan. "It [enables] us to help change the perception of the Volvo brand."

The YouTuber enjoys great popularity amongst the 25 to 34-year-old group, which is far younger than traditional Volvo customers. In fact, the average age of an XC60 buyer is 55 - five years older than the brand's overall average. Despite this, the compact SUV remains the company's best-selling vehicle in the United States. In April, the company delivered 14,952 examples across the globe, beating the more affordable XC40.

Volvo Car USA/YouTube Volvo Car USA/YouTube

Aside from the obvious benefits, the new video will also allow Volvo to examine how people respond to the unique marketing campaign. "It's an opportunity to see where consumer interest lies...we have plans to test out whether or not consumers are responding more favorably to the design aspects of the car versus technology," said Moynihan.

Capturing the attention of younger customers is something several brands have attempted to do in recent months. Acura collaborated with hip-hop artist Vince Staples, in the hopes of introducing the new Integra to an untapped market. Ford did something similar with its range of electric vehicles and the so-called frunk.

So far, it appears as if Volvo's new hit is a success. The comments section is flooded with compliments, with many noting it's "the coolest ad" they've ever seen. We're not sure about that, but it certainly comes close.

Volvo Car USA/YouTube Volvo Car USA/YouTube
Source Credits: Automotive News

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