Volvo Manages To Kill All Turbo Lag With Ancient Technology


Leave it to the Swedes to think of this.

Imagine you are driving a turbocharged car on the freeway behind a driver who insists on going 20 mph under the speed limit. You punch the throttle to let them sample your dust and begin waiting for boost pressure to build. The turbo lag only lasts a few seconds, but apparently that’s too much for the Swedish. To get back those wasted seconds of life, Volvo is now offering its new PowerPulse technology. It sounds like one of the company’s more complicated solutions, but it’s really just as simple as adding an air compressor and an air storage tank to the engine.

When the driver depresses the gas, pressurized air is sent to the exhaust manifold to spool up the turbos, allowing you the instant gratification of passing driving-illiterate travelers.

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