Volvo Plans XC90 Polestar For The US, Someone In Europe Likes Us After All


Ever dreamed of a high-performance tank? Here you go.

Not so long ago, seriously fast SUVs seemed like an absolutely absurd idea, but recent years have seen one manufacturer after another jumping on the bandwagon. And now Volvo will be joining in as well. The SUV in question will be a performance version of the XC90, built as part of an ongoing partnership between Volvo and Polestar, the firm that already builds Volvo's race cars and a couple of roadgoing models which are among the most exciting Volvos ever.

As a result of building these previous Polestar models, Volvo has realized there is a much bigger demand for performance machines from Sweden than previously supposed, and the new XC90 is only part of an expanding Volvo-Polestar lineup. There will be versions of the SUV made with both gasoline and diesel engines, although we're skeptical that we'll be getting the diesel version in the US. Still, the gasoline version will definitely be coming over. We don't have any specs yet, but we're expecting the engine to be bumped up from the 316 horsepower it currently makes.

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