Volvo Promises 'Deathproof' Vehicles By 2020


Is that even possible?

Volvo has always been regarded as one of the few brands that puts safety before everything else. The automaker has just made an unbelievable claim that it will make "deathproof" vehicles by 2020. According to CNN Money, Volvo executives state that "by 2020, no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo." That sounds like a bold claim for a brand striving to become the automotive equivalent of Superman. Volvo North American CEO Lex Kerssemakers stated "[Swedish engineers] don't say things when they don't believe in it."

To make deathproof cars, Volvo aims to build upon several safety technologies. The first obvious thing the automaker will do is to create cars that are safer in the case of an accident, which involves improving airbags and energy-dissipating body structures. The second step is for Volvo to further develop safety technologies that will stop an accident from taking place such as auto lane keeping, adaptive cruise control and more. Lastly, Volvo will introduce autonomous technology that will allow its vehicles to drive itself. "With the development of full autonomy we are going to push the limits of automotive safety," stated Volvo's safety engineer Erik Coelingh.

"Because if you can make a fully autonomous vehicle you have to think through everything that potentially can happen with a car." Volvo already engineers some of the safest vehicles in the world and offers a lot of the aforementioned technology in its vehicles. Volvo is also the first automaker to make a promise to create a no-death vehicle by a specific date.

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