Volvo Proves Hamsters Drive Better than Russian Dash Cam Drivers

Well, at least he didn't crash.

Automakers can go to great lengths to demonstrate their products have the latest and greatest technologies to enhance your driving experience and Volvo has taken this concept to the edge. Literally. To showcase that its steering system is easy to handle, the Swedish carmaker allowed a carrot-led hamster running on a modified hamster wheel to steer one of its 15-ton trucks on a dangerous mountain road. What does Volvo want you to take away from the demo? That you could do the same with just one of your fingers.

Filmed in Los Tres Cunados, Northwest Spain, Charlie the Hamster had some close calls. Yet for an area known for very challenging driving conditions, the rodent faired far better than most drivers we see in Russian dash cam videos. And don't worry, he probably got that fat carrot afterwards.

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