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Volvo Purchases Valet Service To Makes Customers' Lives Better

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This could help Volvo reach more luxury car buyers.

We've been on record saying that the established, German luxury automakers need to keep an eye out for Volvo. The Swedish automaker is starting to release a ton of advanced sport modelsfrom its Polestar division that should compete well against the German and Japanese competition. However, as Lexus has proved, it takes more than just a solid product to impress luxury consumers. The dealership experience is also very important, which is why Volvo Cars has just purchased Luxe, a US-based valet and concierge service.

The acquisition should help Volvo create a luxurious consumer experience for its customers. Luxe's software and technology platform as well as the company's data scientists, app developers and software engineers will join Volvo's office in Silicon Valley. This office was previously working on a pilot program for on-demand fueling for Volvo owners in the San Fransisco area. Luxe's team will now aid Volvo in creating this revolutionary service. We love the idea of someone coming to fill up the car with gas and never having to go to a station. However, with Volvo announcing plans to go electric, we wonder how much longevity this type of service would have.

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"Our vision is a future in which technology simplifies life so you never have to stop at a [gas] station, go to a car wash or even take your car in for service ever again. The acquisition of Luxe is a step towards realizing that ambition. I look forward to working closely with the highly talented team at Luxe who created its advanced technology from the ground up," said Atif Rafiq, Chief Digital Officer at Volvo Cars. This acquisition should also roll in pick-up and drop-off services that allow owners to never have to go into the dealership for service. Volvo could eliminate some of the biggest hassles associated with owning a car, which is a huge step towards dominating as a luxury brand.