Volvo Releases the S60 TTA Polestar Race Car

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The Swedish Racing Elite League is receiving a new Volvo racer.

Volvo has developed a race car that will take part in the Swedish Elite Racing League. The S60 TTA Polestar race car runs on a rear-mounted hybridized 420hp V6 engine complete with a six-speed sequential transmission which sends power to the rear wheels. In addition to the solid power output, the S60 TTA Polestar features a lightweight carbon fiber body with ventilated hood. Aerodynamic side skirts have been added along with a huge rear wing.

The racer utilizes a double wishbone suspension and sits on a set of 18-inch wheel wheels. Bigger brakes have been affixed to help handle the high-performance race car. Volvo hopes the S60 TTA Polestar race car will change the way people look at Volvo automobiles and time will tell if the Swedish company's hopes are fulfilled. It will enter competition later this year, with Volvo Polestar Racing and Volvo Polestar Performance both entering teams with four cars total. So far, three drivers have been selected to race the Swedish car: Fredrik Ekblom, Thed Bjork and Robert Dahlgren.

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