Volvo Reveals Red Key That's Nothing Like The Dodge Hellcat's


This key definitely doesn't unlock extra horsepower.

The Dodge Hellcat's "secret" red key is no longer a secret. Like most modern cars, the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat models come with proximity key fobs. Unlike most cars however, the Hellcat twins come with two different colored keys, one black and one red. Starting the car with the black key limits horsepower to 500 on those bad weather days or when the full 707 is just too much. The red key unlocks the full potential of the 6.2-liter supercharged V8. Now, Volvo will sell customers its own version. But this one works a little differently.

Unlike the red key in the Hellcat, the Volvo red key is meant for valets and young adults. When the vehicle is started with the red key, the car can be configured with speed restrictions, speed warnings, restricted sound levels, and adaptive cruise control set to its longest distance. The car will also automatically activate all equipped safety functions including blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, forward collision warning, driver alert control, distance alert, and traffic sign recognition. The key can be purchased separately for 110 GBP (around $135) from Volvo and will work with the S90 sedan, V90 wagon, and XC90 SUV. This key is just another way for Volvo to prove that it's one of the safest car brands in the world.

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The company even wants to make its cars "deathproof" by 2020. The Hellcat is obviously not a car that you would want to trust a teen with, but a Volvo is probably the perfect car to ensure a young driver's safety. Now let's just hope that Volvo releases a nice blue key for its hardcore Polestar models. That would be awesome.