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Volvo Reveals V90 Cross Country, Shows Crossovers Whose Boss


It goes off road, will haul as much as an SUV, and could come with 400 horsepower. Take that crossover.

Those who’ve sat on the sidelines witnessing the rise of the crossover with a tinge of disdain have long hoped for something else to come along and save us from the tackiness. Like the Spork, the crossover is supposed to be the best of the car and SUV world, offering a midway point between utility, gas mileage, and good driving feel. However, like Mercedes recently did, Volvo has a plan to remedy that and what’s more is that it’s one that gearheads can cat behind. Enter the V90 Cross Country, Volvo's recently unveiled new wagon.

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Okay, so maybe it isn’t anything groundbreaking, but this tempting variant builds on the standard (and breathtakingly gorgeous) V90 by giving it a bit of functionality that will directly question the existence of the crossover. To do so, Volvo went about it the same way Subaru made the Crosstrek. Rip off the standard bumpers and fenders, replace them with more rugged (and easily replaceable) plastic trim, and lift the vehicle a bit. In the V90 Cross Country’s case, 60 millimeters does the trick. Committing to the shift is easy for Volvo since the V90 is based on the same versatile platform as the S90 and XC90. Four-wheel drive lets the rugged yet sophisticated appearance back up its bark with some bite.

A revised chassis control adds to the V90 Cross Country’s ability, allowing it to perform well on the road and in the dirt. In either situation, the occupants will be cozy thanks to massaging seats, softer tires, and an air suspension system in the rear. And then there’s the fact that it blows the competition away with its looks alone. For those who care more about performance than aesthetics, the V90 has things covered as well with a 316-horsepower 2.0-liter four-banger that will be served alone. If we’re lucky, Volvo will add its impressive hybrid powertrain that combines with the engines to make over 400 horsepower. It’s all part of the automaker’s recent commitment to only build four-cylinder engines, which for once, we’re not complaining about.

Check out the Cross Country doing what it does best in the video below.