Volvo Runs with the Bulls

Their next commercial will have Volvo trucks being chased by the giant boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark

OEMS like Audi and VW are notorious for their marketing abilities, continuously creating commercials that stick in our minds and make us take note of their brand's identity. Volvo seems to be on a tear this year to corner the mindshare for its commercial truck division. They could have just made one or two commercials that brought attention to this segment and call it a day, after all no one else really is. Not only are they moving forward with new commercials, each one seems more dangerous than the previous.

Safety has always been the company's trademark, and now they seem to want to add toughness and refinement to the brand as well. A few runners got their asses handed to them which can emphasize how well the truck handled the narrow Spanish streets so that it didn't suffer the same fate.

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