Volvo's New Technology Signals A Creepy But AMAZING Future

We are into some real futuristic sh** here.

The way we buy cars is starting to change. Just a few yearsago, everyone just went to the dealership and simply bought the car they wantedto buy. Now, with the car vending machine it appears as if buying a car will never be the same going forward. It seems that Volvo is the next automaker to carve out an odd niche in the automotive world using holograms. The automaker plans to put a virtualreality headset on the customer and have him/her play around with the imaginarycars the headset displays.

Imagine configuring the perfect car without having to use the Internet. You still need to go outside, so the system isn't entirely perfect. Checking out Volvo’s new features without actually being part of the test is another possibility with the headset. It can also be used on the production line as well; the headset can display the options a car is equipped with and the workers can assemble accordingly without wasting time moving around. This sounds pretty cool but will it be the future of automotive sales? Meh, probably not.

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