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Volvo's Smallest SUV Will Get A Tiny New Engine And Electrified Options


The XC40 is shaping up to be a great little crossover.

The new Volvo XC40 is the new entry-level CUV for the Swedish luxury maker. The biggest news surrounding the crossover has been its availability as part of a new subscription service for $600 per month. Like other SUV models from Volvo, the XC40 was announced with a T5 2.0-liter turbocharged drivetrain. While that will be the single engine option upon the car's release in the US, the Swedish automaker has plans to introduce new engine choices for its small CUV, including a three-cylinder unit.

We highly doubt that the three-cylinder model, which will be called the T3, will be sold in the US. The 1.5-liter unit will even be available with a six-speed manual transmission, or an optional eight-speed automatic. Volvo offers the S90 with a manual in Europe, but only offers automatics in the US market. The T3 drivetrain is expected to make up 10% of XC40 sales. Performance and fuel economy figures have yet to be released. This engine will also be combined with a hybrid drivetrain and utilize the company's Twin Engine branding. Volvo won't just stop at a hybrid model either. There is also an EV version in the works.

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The electric XC40 is expected to have a range of around 310 miles, which will make it one of the most usable EVs on the market. The XC40 already looked like a good CUV, but Volvo won't stop until it is the best CUV on the market.