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Volvo S90 Ambience Concept Will Soothe Your Senses

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Volvo’s new concept incorporates visuals, sound and scent to provide a relaxing experience for passengers.

With the Beijing Auto Show just around the corner, Volvo has unveiled an innovative new concept car that will make its public debut at the Chinese event. Called the S90 Ambience Concept, the Swedish automaker describes the car as "an industry-first sensory experience that synchronises visuals, sound and scent to redefine in-car luxury." Based on the three-seater S90 Excellence that's sold exclusively in China, the interior has been revamped to make the luxury sedan as relaxing as possible for rear passengers.

Using a smartphone app, passengers can personalize the in-car ambience using one of seven visual themes synchronised with audio and scent. "The Ambience Concept redefines luxury by taking it beyond material choices, creating a car that connects with your senses," said Robin Page, head of design at Volvo Cars. "The design explores how people feel inside the car and enables them to influence their own mood and well-being." Various visual elements are displayed on the car's headliner according to the selected theme: including Northern Lights, Scandinavian Forest, Swan Lake, Archipelago and Rain.

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Volvo says each setting provides a different mood ranging from relaxing to invigorating. There is also a Nocturnal theme for resting, while a Freedom theme "gives a boost of fresh and uplifting energy." Synchronized audio played through the car's Bowers and Wilkins premium sound system complements the visual elements, with effects including small tweeters in the headrest. Each theme also incorporates one of four bespoke scents created by Byredo, a Swedish company specializing in high-end fragrances such as perfumes and scented candles, which are released by a special compartment in the center console. All these soothing elements combine to create a treat for the senses.

"We're known for our human-centric approach to design and as an industry leader in advanced safety technology," Page added. "Ambience reinforces this and shows our broader focus on human care, which starts with safety and also extends to general well-being." While the S90 Ambience is a concept for now, Volvo is planning to add this feature to S90 Excellence production cars in China. Last year, Volvo sold 100,000 cars in China for the first time. The People's Republic is also the biggest market for the S90 sedan.