Volvo Surprised How Quickly Polestar Models Sold Out, Plans Another Batch


Volvo just got cooler.

Not so long ago, it would have been very difficult to judge the market for a balls-out monster Volvo performance car. As it turns, it was this very fact, and not just an annoying bid at exclusivity, that kept Volvo from building more than 750 combined S60 and V60 Polestar models. In fact, the cars sold out so much faster than expected, Volvo will now be building more, and will eventually even expand the Polestar line.


As Volvo's senior VP of product planning, Lex Kerssemakers, told Car and Driver "It was my mistake. I limited it to just 750 cars. I just didn't want those cars sitting around in case it doesn't work, because then, rather than a brand driver it becomes a burden to the dealer." So it was just sober caution, something we aren't surprised to see from the Swedish automotive industry, which kept production numbers down. But what's really exciting about this whole thing is the idea of what the Volvo-Polestar partnership will produce now that all parties know it won't be a problem to sell the cars.

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