Volvo Takes Customer Service To The Next Level

Car Maintenance

Tow for Life initiative rolled out for all Volvos, regardless of the vehicle's age.

Volvo has been known to make some of the most reliable vehicles on the road. But in the event that yours should need a tow, the automaker has you covered. For free. Regardless of how old your car.

Having recently rolled out the new Accident Advisor service and a lifetime warranty for parts and labor, Volvo Car USA has announced the new Tow for Life program that will haul any broken-down Volvo to a certified garage. It's a service already included under the warranty's roadside assistance program, but has now been extended to off-warranty vehicles as well.

"Tow for Life ensures that in the event of a breakdown, help is on hand no matter the age of the vehicle,” said Scott Doering, Head of Customer Service for Volvo Car USA. "It’s a commitment to all our customers that cars will be taken to experts who use genuine Volvo parts and repair methods. This will get the customer back on the road faster and provide assurance that the repair was done right.”

To take advantage of the offer, owners (or drivers) simply need to call Volvo Customer Care's 1-800 number or use the Volvo On-Call feature in newer cars.

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The initiative is quite a vote of confidence on Volvo's part not only in the reliability of its vehicles, but in the quality and value of its service agents. Most of all, though, it gives its customers an extra measure of peace-of-mind.

Last year the Swedish automaker sold over 98,000 vehicles in the United States, marking its most successful year in over a decade, and down from a high-water mark of 139,067 achieved in 2004. All told, it's sold over 4 million vehicles here since 1959, and you can bet a higher-than-average proportion of those are still on the road.