Volvo Takes On The Most Ruthless Killers On The Road: Kangaroos


Take a guess which continent will hop on this new tech first.

In a recent announcement Volvo noted a safety concern that's not common in the US but close to the hearts of Australians. The Swedish automaker stated that "there are over 20,000 kangaroo strikes on Australian roads each year." The announcement then proceeds to describe the millions of dollars this costs insurance companies and car owners on an almost perpetual basis. Kangaroos apparently really like to jump in front of speeding cars. Fortunately Volvo is Swedish, which means it works on safety tech to avoid moose and reindeer strikes.

A team of Volvo safety experts are traveling through Australia to study the movements and behaviors of, you guessed it, kangaroos. Volvo is conducting all of this research because it is now developing radar and camera technology that can detect Kangaroos coming towards the road before a collision can occur. The radar scanner will be located in the grille of undisclosed upcoming models and will ostensibly put a stop to these murderous mammals once and for all.


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