Volvo Teased Two New Electric SUVs In EX90 Presentation

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What could they possibly be?

As you might know, Volvo just unveiled the EX90, the all-new electric successor to the XC90.

Near the end of the EX90 presentation, Volvo included a Marvel-like stinger. In case you don't know what a stinger is, it's essentially a teaser that makes you excited about something without revealing too much.

Volvo's stinger featured two models perfectly parked in a darkened corner. The scribbles on the screen behind the two cars eventually formed a "2023." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Volvo has two more models that will be unveiled in 2023.

What could they possibly be?

Volvo Volvo

Thanks to a trademark application filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), we know Volvo is planning all-electric variants or possible replacements for several models. That trademark filing turned out to be slightly off, as Volvo eventually decided to ditch the "C" in the naming structure.

Still, we at least know the next models in line are the EX60 and EX40. The Recharge name will likely be kept for plug-in hybrid models until Volvo goes fully electric in 2030, well before the European Union's ban on ICE vehicles in 2035.


The tiny car on the left is likely the EX40. Thanks to GM, we know that the compact crossover EV segment will be booming in the coming years. The car on the right is a bit too small to be a Volvo XC60 replacement, but a full electric EX60 would be the next logical step.

If we look at Volvo's sales reports, we can see two interesting things. First, 44% of all its sales are Recharge models, meaning American owners are starting to warm up to electrification. Secondly, the XC60 is by far the most successful Volvo on sale in the USA, so it makes sense that it would follow shortly after the EX90 halo model.


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