Volvo Teases New Concept in Fight Club Style Video

The first rule of Volvo: you do not talk about Volvo.

Spoiler alert: If you’ve never seen Fight Club, stop reading. For those that have (or don’t care) then the way Volvo has spliced a handful of images of its soon-to-be-revealed coupe into this short teaser video is reminiscent of the infamous Brad Pitt flick. Volvo is trying to spice up the brand, and while the teaser appears to be nothing more than a boring, unrevealing clip, there’s plenty more than meets the eye. Four embedded images flash up at around the 11-second mark, showing sections of the upcoming concept.

The split-second imagery shows the concept has styling inspired by the P1800 from the Sixties, comes with some C-shaped taillights and is called the Concept C Coupe. It's all set to be revealed this Thursday, in the meantime check out the teaser.

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