Volvo Truck Sells for 150,000 Euros Online

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Charity auction on eBay for first new FH truck won by French fleet operator.

Heavy-duty trucks aren't the kind of vehicles we usually cover here at CarBuzz, but the initiative which Volvo Trucks recently took to promote its new FH line succeeded in blazing its air-horn into our attention. The Swedish truck company (which is no longer affiliated with the carmaker of the same name) sold the first example of its new FH for a whopping 150,000 euros on eBay - well above its market price to the benefit of children in South Africa.

Proceeds go to Star of Life, a charity that educates children in Africa about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Volvo bankrolls the program in 16 schools in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa. After 165,000 people viewed the auction page and 35 people placed 95 bids, the truck went to Jean-Pierre Ducournau, who operates a fleet of over 300 Volvo trucks across France. "I am so pleased to have won this auction," said Ducournau. "In the mid-seventies, I was first in the south of France to own a Volvo F12 truck and for several decades I have been supporting different charity auctions."

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