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Volvo Uses Pedestrian System To See Animals

The last thing anyone needs to worry about is hitting an animal on a highway, especially if that animal can kill you in a head-on collision. As typical with the automaker, Volvo has been working on new technology to drastically cut down on accidents as a result of animals in the road. Volvo is developing a combined radar system and an infrared camera that scans the area surrounding a car.

It posts an alert if the system senses an animal in the road. And if the driver's reaction time is too slow, the system will automatically apply the brakes. The technology is based on Volvo's Pedestrian Detection System. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that accidents caused by deer alone attribute to nearly 1.5 million car accidents each year, with a total of over 150 lives taken in the process. No to mention nearly $1.1 billion dollars in damages and the increase in car insurance as a direct result of the accidents.

Bears are particularly a problem in states such as New Jersey. With safety technology advancing each year, Volvo has not only taken advantage of this wave, but also aims to save lives as well.

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