Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv


New exhaust system, suspension, wheels and power enhancements highlights V40 tuning package from Volvo tuning specialist.

There's only one address to turn to for tuning Volvos, and that's Heico Sportiv. Now the German specialist in Sweden's finest has revealed a full enhancement program for the new V40. "As a Volvo tuning specialist, the Volvo V40 offers us an excellent starting point," says Heico Sportiv general manager Holger Hedtke. "It has an attractive design and sporty driving dynamics, and addresses a target group that places great emphasis on quality and individualization."

The holistic accessory program will be available at dealerships worldwide, and comes with a 60-month warranty, TUV approval, expert appraisal and a certificate of conformity (in case you were questioning the firm's credentials). Heico Sportiv offers its e-motion power enhancement range for the D2, D3 and D4 diesel engines, with an aftermarket ECU that operates in tandem with the original control unit, giving the engine a second "brain". For the 5-cylinder diesel engine (D4) the enhancements nets a boost from 177 to 195 hp and from 295 to 354 lb-ft of torque. The result is a one second quicker 0-60 time and a 6-mph greater top speed.

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As for the styling element of the package, the company believes that "ultimately, a vehicle that's received a HEICO SPORTIV facelift must also be clearly recognizable as a HEICO creation." As such the design team added a two-pie3ce front spoiler and new rear skirt made of flexible polyurethane that can be mounted to the existing bumper and original mountings. The stainless-steel quad exhaust system enhances the soundtrack and is distinguished by oval end pipes that are black on the inside and plated on the outside in chrome.

Completing the package is a set of 18- and 19-inch alloys (offered in three designs and colors), sport springs that lowers the car by 30mm, and a variety of interior accessories such as a new sport steering wheel.