Volvo V40 Polestar Set to Battle Focus RS

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Sadly enough, Volvo isn't selling its new V40 hatchback in the US.

When Volvo was owned by Ford, nobody thought much of the Swedish brand. Sure, it built really safe cars, but they looked like a series of right angles compiled together. That's pretty much the way Volvos had always looked. But today things are different. Volvo, now under Chinese ownership, has injected some sexy into its styling. Swedish design simplicity with a touch of IKEA, and an almost disregard to its boxy car past. That's Volvo today.

Perhaps one of the finest examples of this is the V40 hatchback. Unfortunately this sexy hatch isn't offered in the US (for now), but we've recently had word it's about to get even better. Auto Express is claiming that Volvo intends to build a high-performance V40 Polestar that could go head-to-head against the upcoming next-gen Ford Focus RS. Power could come from Volvo's all-new supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder engine that spits out 315 horsepower. This engine will also power the next-gen XC90, but it'll be paired with a 79-hp electric motor, for a total of 394-hp. If that combo were transferred to the V40, expect a 0-60 mph time of less than six seconds.

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What the V40 Polestar would also really benefit from is all-wheel-drive. Volvo is apparently fully aware of the benefits here, but the question is whether the car would become too heavy and pricey. We'll hopefully have a final decision from Volvo in the coming months.

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