Volvo Wagon Given Corvette V8 Power

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Replacing a Volvo station wagon's standard engine with a Corvette V8 is a stroke of genius.

A Volvo station wagon at a stoplight is about as threatening a sight as a mother pushing her offspring down the sidewalk (or a Prius). However, if said vehicle happens to be a police car you might suspect it of packing a mightier punch than normal, especially if you're in tuner-crazed Sweden. And after checking out this Volvo V70 wagon police car that packs a Chevy small-block V8 under the hood, you'll be sure to watch your step the next time you visit Scandanavia.

Few details about the police-liveried "Volvette" V70 wagon are known other than it's powered by the same V8 that's in the early C5 Corvette Z06. With a total of 405 horsepower, the police car certainly sounds the part and judging by its performance and maneuvering abilities (read: donuts), it looks more than capable to serve and protect the public.

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