Volvo Wagon Loses a Wheel; Doesn't Flinch

Keep on keeping on.

If Volvo is known for anything, it's safety and reliability. No one can argue its cars last forever, with many of them joining the million mile club. Everyone knows them for there safety innovations as well, often leading the industry in protecting its drivers. The Swedish carmaker's historically boxy styling is a matter of taste, but for someone looking for safety, look no further. And this video proves that point. A driver of a Volvo wagon is cruising down the freeway when all of the sudden the wheel comes loose, and starts to roll down the lane.

We normally would expect the car to tilt, and the driver to stop immediately. Not this guy. The driver of this Swedish brick just keeps on going. There just might be a sale at the local IKEA, and only having three wheels isn't going to stop him.

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