Volvo Wants To Build An Electric Sports Car

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Will the automaker capitalize on its relationship with Polestar for this new range-topper?

Swedish automaker Volvo wants to introduce an all-electric sports car to its range, reports Carsales.

Bjorn Annwall, chief operating officer at Volvo, said the company is looking to introduce a desirable flagship to boost appeal and brand image. "Every car brand needs a bit of spice that helps kind of push the boundaries of what the car really is, and I think Volvo should have those complimentary car products as well," he said.

The marque is no stranger to performance vehicles. Before Polestar became a fully-fledged automaker, it used to serve as Volvo's performance arm. Over the years, it made some incredible vehicles, like the Nurburgring-slaying Volvo S60 Polestar.

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But aside from the Polestar-fettled models, the brand isn't known for making sports cars. The closest Volvo ever got to a halo vehicle was the C70 (pictured below) which lasted just two generations. Both cars were a drastic departure for the company but were far from sporty. Instead, Volvo launched them as dignified and stylish cruisers.

Whether the new sports car will be a hotted-up version of an existing model or a bespoke sports car remains to be seen. Volvo could tap Polestar to help develop this future range-topper. After all, the latter plans to introduce the Polestar 6 roadster in 2026, an all-electric sports car billed as a true Porsche rival.

2011-2013 Volvo C70 Convertible Side View Driving Volvo

It would make a lot of sense. After all, both brands are owned by China's Geely Auto Group, meaning the duo would be able to share development costs. As Volvo moves toward its all-electric future, the automaker has focused on producing popular SUVs and crossovers. The latest, the EX90, serves as an all-electric alternative to the XC90.

The automaker has said the luxury SUV will be followed by electric wagons and sedans, but CEO of Volvo Cars, Jim Rowan, said the company won't offer too many models. "Our strategy is that we will be tight. We'll look after the demographic that we think makes sense. [We] already signaled we'd do a smaller SUV. Then different formats, saloons, and estates or whatever: we'll get to that when we get to that."


If a Volvo sports car is in the cards, it would only arrive later in the decade or even in the early 2030s. This would give the automaker enough time to expand the EX SUV range and gain a secure footing in the segment.

"Every project is a new challenge and a new possibility to do fun stuff," added Annwall. "Everything is possible, I would say. It depends where the market goes and what the customer wants", added Annwall.

It would be wonderful to see Volvo stretch back into its history and introduce a retro-sports car inspired by the iconic P1800, made famous by the late Sir Roger Moore in The Saint. Interestingly, the automaker teamed up with Cyan Racing to deliver a limited tribute vehicle with an eye-watering price of $700,000.


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