Volvo Wants You To Take Polestar Seriously With Its New Engine

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Two turbos and a supercharger serious.

To keep its winning streak on track, Volvo has some pretty incredible plans for its in-house tuning firm-Polestar. To take the fight to the high-performance Germans, Polestar plans to put a different engine into its upcoming vehicles. While the S60 and V60 Polestar utilized Volvo's straight-six engine, the new models will have something a little more interesting. A report from Auto Express suggests that future Volvo Polestar cars will be powered by a triple-charged inline-four that's good for 450 hp. That's sounds like quite the engine.

Volvo has been seen testing the motor before in prototype form and it's quite the beast. To help reinvent itself, Volvo has gotten rid of its five and six-cylinder motors in favor of four-cylinder engines with shared architecture. This rumored engine will find its way into the upcoming Polestar variants of the S90, XC90 and V90. The triple-charged four-cylinder engine in its prototype guise features two turbocharges in parallel, as well as a supercharger. The whole idea behind using a triple-charged layout is to diminish turbo lag. While a triple-charged engine that makes 450 hp sounds exotic, that's not enough to make it keep up with the likes of Mercedes-AMG and BMW M, however. Only time will tell if Polestar gets this engine to perform in a thrilling way.

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