Volvo Working On Cloud Based System For Warning Drivers Of Hazardous Conditions

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It's not just a Volvo version of Waze.

Traditional methods of warning motorists about bad road conditions have been extremely lacking. These have tended to be either much too vague or too infrequent, and even modern cloud based systems require input from users which can't always be relied upon. But now it seems that Volvo has an idea for something better. The system is also cloud based, but one where the car would automatically share information, cutting out the middle man.

The way it would work would be that, if you hit a patch of ice for example, and the car detects that traction control has been engaged, it will then alert other drivers approaching that area that there are icy conditions. Use of hazard lights will also trigger an alert. Volvo is developing the system with help from transportation administrations in Sweden and Norway, so that it will also have the ability to alert snow plow drivers. It would have to be quite an intelligent system in order to not just annoyingly flash warnings constantly at certain times of the year in certain regions, but we have faith that the Swedes know how snow works.


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