Volvo Working On "Self-Fueling" Car, Except Of Course It Doesn't Actually Self Fuel

Might as well make a perpetual motion machine while you're at it.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Volvo's Klas Bendrik, the company's head of technology, said that his team was working on a self-fueling car. In truth, it is nothing of the sort, but as far as the user is concerned, it might as well be. What would happen is that your smart phone will send a signal to a sort of roving fuel truck that your car is running low. The truck driver would then get a one-off code to open your fuel tank and fill your car, even without you there.

It's an odd idea, and frankly we're wondering how much this is really being “developed” and whether we'll ever actually see such a thing. That said, we know that Volvo actually has tested a system that allows packages to be delivered to cars, apparently for the benefit of those who aren't going to be around when the UPS guy stops by. Presumably, this would be very similar technology, so it probably is quite feasible. Essentially, Volvo is trying to find ways of making mobile technology work for them, and it's willing to try just about any idea. It's intriguing, and we can't say we'd miss gas stations.

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