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Volvo XC40 Transformed Into Futuristic SUV With Retro Computer Graphics

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New concept car has a retro 8-bit design.

Geely has presented its own unique take on the Volvo XC40 in the form of a new concept car. Unveiled at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, the Geely Concept Icon is a futuristic-looking SUV concept based on the same CMA modular platform underpinning the XC40. Designed at Geely's Shanghai studio, the Concept Icon's shape is inspired by retro 8-bit design, and has been designed to literally look like an icon for a computer application according to Geely Design's Vice President Guy Burgoyne.

"What is an icon?" asked Burgoyne. "To some, an icon represents their generation and embodies the spirit of an era. Today, in the 21st century, the term icon has taken on a new meaning. It is where an application starts on a digital journey. We took all these meanings together and applied them into our mobility solutions." Its upright contour sets it apart from traditional crossovers, giving it a blocky, retro-inspired shape. "Both surfaces and graphics have been distilled down to their minimalist form that is much in-line with present day gadgets, where it's simple on the outside but hides a more complicated and technology focused interior," Burgoyne explained.

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Other highlights include infinity loops that feature on the front and rear lamps of the car, which can also be seen on the glass roof, while the signature cosmos grille that's featured on all Geely cars has been simplified and flattened down for the Concept Icon, but is still instantly recognizable. Open the double clam shell doors of the Concept Icon reveals a minimalist interior laden with subtle technology. The center console seamlessly blends in with its woven surroundings, shifting focus to its large central infotainment screen. Passengers can also access central and rear infotainment screens.

"A simplified interior also provided us with greater amounts of storage space, which proves to be useful as users today carry multiple devices on a daily basis. The Energy Hub floating console that was introduced in the Geely Bo Rui GE can be seen here, allowing users to wirelessly charge their devices on the go and exchange information via the in-car screens", explained Burgoyne. "The Concept Icon embodies the essential characteristics of Geely Auto and is an expression of the global confidence that we have in our design and engineering capabilities. This enables us to set new trends and benchmarks within the wider automotive industry. The Concept Icon is the true play".

Geely hasn't confirmed if the Concept Icon will enter production, but it could potentially be sold outside of China since it shares the same platform as the XC40.