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Volvo XC40 Will No Longer Be The Only Model In Volvo's Subscription Service

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Soon you'll be able to drive more Volvos thanks to Care by Volvo's subscription plan. Which models will they be?

Volvo introduced its Care by Volvo subscription service with a single offering, the XC40, starting at $600 per month. The service includes the car, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and roadside assistance all in one monthly fee. Volvo also added the new S60 sedan to the service, including the subscription-only S60 Polestar - unfortunately, only 20 units were offered and they sold out in less than an hour. Now Autocar reports that Volvo will add more models to its subscription service, which should increase its overall appeal.

According to UK managing director Jon Wakefield, the XC60 and XC90 SUVs will be added to Care by Volvo "within the next couple of months." We assume that the same additions will be made to the service in the US, but this has yet to be confirmed. "The idea of people having a fixed monthly payment which is very clear, which is an honest price, and covers all of your motoring needs is something we've been moving towards in the UK anyway," Wakefield said. "If you look in keeping with the marketplace, we're almost 50% retail, and of that 90% is already done on a monthly payment basis, so we're morphing towards it."

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Volvo is aiming for 20% of its sales to be subscription-based by 2022, and 50% by 2025. To meet this goal, Volvo will have to offer more than just the XC40 and S60 in other markets, so it is inevitable that Care by Volvo will expand to include the entire model range. Several automakers have invested in these new subscription services, but it remains to be seen how quickly consumers adopt the idea.