Volvo's Ultimate EV Garage Is Attached To A $5 Million Mansion

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And it's for sale.

We've all got our version of the "perfect garage." Maybe it's filled with vintage muscle, or perhaps modern European classics like the E30 BMW M3. But they've all got one thing in common, for most petrolheads at least. They're filled with gas-powered cars. Now, Volvo has an idea of what an EV dream garage would look like, with its Volvo C40 Recharge as the centerpiece.

Oh, and it's attached to a $5 million Palm Springs, California mansion. And it's for sale. The house itself is about as modern-looking as mansions get, sitting on a nearly half-acre lot. Shame more of that wasn't used for the garage. It's recently built too, with construction finishing just last year. Of course, there's a swimming pool for those blazing summer days, and with 3,169 sq. ft. of living space, three beds, and four baths, it'll have room for your EV and then some.

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But we're here for the garage. What does the perfect EV garage look like? Volvo worked with Garage Living to build it, and calls it a "vision of the possibilities an electric future can bring to our homes." The idea behind the whole thing, according to Volvo, is to show how people's homes will evolve as we transition our garages into the electric age. Of course, that means plenty of charging space. There's a total of three Level 2 chargers. Presumably, one of these is located in the outdoor carport.

If you'd prefer to stare at your Volvo while you work, Garage Living added a built-in desk and meeting table to the garage space. Or perhaps you'd like to see how the 2022 F1 season unfolds from your garage on the built-in TV.

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All that's great, but who among us doesn't just keep all their crap in the garage? Thankfully, there's plenty of storage space integrated into the far wall of the garage. Supposing you run out of room in your 3,000 sq. ft. mansion. For many car enthusiasts, this certainly isn't what the ideal garage looks like. We'd rather put a brand new Volvo V90 in that garage but to each their own. If you're all-in on EVs, this may just be your dream garage. After all, everyone deserves to dream a little.

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