Vorsteiner and Turner Motorsport Dress the M6 Coupe

Aero package adds loads of downforce to BMW's flagship coupe.

Restylingand aftermarket products are quite commonly seen on the BMW M6 Coupe, whichserves as an awesome blank canvas for aftermarket tuners. But this example, ajoint project between Vorsteiner and Turner Motorsport, really jumps out as aspecial example. Starting with a Black Sapphire Metallic M6, the Bimmer getstreated to a set of 21-inch VSE Forged Monoblock wheels, in addition to a hostof aerodynamic and styling components.

The M6 was also given a rear decklid spoiler, a carbon-fiber reardiffuser with a very aggressive appearance, side blades and a carbon-fiberfront splitter. The complete package is said to create additional downforce athigh speeds, and makes the car look like a true killer.

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