Vorsteiner Cooks Up a Breathtaking 997 V-RT Edition

Visual transformation makes the 911 Turbo look killer.

Californian tuner, Vorsteiner, famous for visual and performance upgrades for automakers like BMW, Land Rover, Lamborghini and more, has just released its awesome kit for the Porsche 997 Gen 2 911 Turbo. Taking the stock car to a new level, the kit adds a VR-T Aerodynamic Package that makes the mild 911 look like an absolute beast. With carbon-fiber air intakes on the side and back, the car also gets carbon brake ducts and grille inserts, as well as a new rear wing.

Add in a large rear diffuser, 20x9-inch forged VSM-310 alloy wheels in the front and 20x12 in the rear and Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires and the car is really ready to fly. New skirts and intercooler shrouds complete the look, making it one of the finest-looking Turbos on the market today.

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