Vorsteiner Readies GTS-V BMW 1-Series M Coupe for Bimmerfest

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This tuning kit is for any 1M Coupe owners out there who want that added touch of exclusivity.

Vorsteiner teased this project back in December and have only now released it in full. With only 740 units earmarked for the US, the 1M Coupe was always going to be a modern classic collectable. As exclusive as the car is in stock form, the California-based tuner is now giving owners the chance to make their ride even more so. Dubbed the Vorsteiner GTS-V 1M Coupe, the car gets some lightweight accoutrements, added performance and a body kit.

Up front, a new pre-preg carbon-fiber front lip add-on with integrated brake duct intake can be bolted onto the 1M bumper, but it's at the back where things get interesting. A Vorsteiner lightweight trunk with integrated duct bill lip is a nice addition, as is the specially-designed carbon-fiber rear diffuser to replace the factory part.

BMW's design language has been used here with the diffuser featuring extended fins that clean the air exiting at the rear. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six engine has not been messed with, but a full titanium exhaust system, which can be simply bolted in place, boosts power by 15hp & 5lb-ft to 350hp and 337lb-ft of torque. Twin 7-spoke race inspired 3-piece forged alloys complete the package. If you want to check out the Vorsteiner GTS-V 1M Coupe in person, then if you're in the vicinity head to this weekend's Bimmerfest at The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California, where it will be making its world debut.

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