Vorsteiner Take Charge of 2011 Porsche GT Silver 911 V-RT Edition Turbo

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One lucky owner is going to have one supped-up Porsche 911 on his hands.

Owning a Porsche is a pleasure that only a limited few get to experience, whilst taking charge of a custom-tuned model is a next-level indulgence even fewer are privy to. Thankfully, we can all enjoy discovering how modifications can enhance already powerful machines into those that are even more awesome and formidable, allthough at present we only have limited details of how American tuning firm Vorsteiner intend to enhance the Porsche GT Silver 911 V-RT Edition Turbo.

So far the project they are dubbing the "Hawaiian Heat", in honor of the owner who hails from the Pacific island, has seen carbon fiber fitted across the board, including carbon fiber front & rear bumpers with respective chin spoiler and integrated diffuser, a carbon fiber deck lid and wing blade, and 20-inch V-309 Forged 3-Piece Concave wheels. Unfortunately, there's no other specific information and pricing and time of availability has yet to be announced.

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