Vorsteiner V-PT Edition Porsche Panamera

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Tuning firm Vorsteiner has just released pictures and details of their newly tuned Panamera V-PT. Beginning with the exterior body kit, it receives a new front bumper cover that incorporates a splitter and a removable carbon fiber insert, which can easily be replaced in case of damage. There's also an optional carbon fiber duct that channels air into the factory radiator and intercoolers.

Additionally, there are new side skirts, a "ducktail" rear spoiler and a rear bumper. The latter is composed of three major components: two vertical ventilation slits that aid in extracting heat from the exhaust system and trap air behind the wheel arches, a carbon fiber diffuser, and finally a new sub-panel which replaces the factory unit. Technically, the US-based tuner offers a V-PT sport exhaust system that's built from a choice of either stainless steel or titanium, of which the latter boasts a weight savings of nearly 40 percent over the factory exhaust system.

Pricing wasn't announced, but the V-PT package is now available for all 2010-2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo's through authorized Vorsteiner dealers.

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