Voting For Tesla Supercharger Locations Is Now Open

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Democracy reigns for Tesla owners.

Got a spot near your house that could use a charger for your Tesla Model 3?

Tesla will now let you vote on it. If your neighbors are like-minded and many enough, there could soon be a Supercharger in that very spot. Tesla has just opened voting, and the process is pretty simple.

After announcing that it would be finally opening the Supercharger network to other brands, the famed American EV brand said it would integrate voting for supercharger locations.

In its announcement on Twitter, the brand said that the "replies with the most likes will be included in the poll."
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Here's how Tesla Supercharger voting works: The brand has instituted a three-month voting cycle to add new locations relatively quickly.

For every one of those cycles, you can cast multiple votes to "help us decide on new Supercharger locations." In theory, this should mean locations are picked strictly based on votes received. We wonder how this fits in with the Supercharger location leak from earlier this month?

We imagine Tesla could institute a plan to ensure lower population areas are eventually serviced as well. You can cast a total of five votes per location. After you've voted, you can then suggest a new Supercharger site for the next voting cycle in three months.


We played with the site a little, and owners will be relieved to know not just anyone can log in and toss five votes around.

Tesla users must sign in to cast votes. The Bot-conscious Elon Musk seems to have instituted at least a few failsafes to prevent foul play with the system.

Predictably, Big Bear in California is at the top of the list right now. Big Bear is an incredibly affluent area of California, and it's no surprise to see luxury EV owners pulling for more charging close to their vacation homes. Big Bear is followed by Bolzano, Italy, and Sylva, North Carolina.

These votes will likely shift as the voting cycle progresses.

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Source Credits: Tesla Supercharger Voting

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