Vuhl Enters Track Toy Big League With The 05RR

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Make no mistake, it's a serious piece of kit.

For a firm making its first ever car, Vuhl did a pretty good job with the 05. Yes, you can argue the Mexican track toy didn't set the world on fire upon its release, but there's no denying it was a pretty stellar piece of kit considering Vuhl's relative inexperience in this incredibly competitive market. With the rise in demand for more extreme versions of already demanding driver's cars (Zenos E10 R, Ariel Atom 3.5R, Caterham Superlights) and the fact the 05's chassis seemed able to handle way more power, it's no surprise that Vuhl's unveiled a new hardcore version.

Perhaps the most obvious way to spot the more circuit-focused nature of this '05RR' is the more aggressive aero package - with the massive rear spoiler being the crowning jewel of the new additions. That extensive focus also extends to the overall chassis and powertrain setups: according to Vuhl, the aluminum/carbon-fiber tub construction helps shave 10% off the car's weight (meaning the 05RR tips the scales at just 1,411 lbs), and there's now a slightly faster steering rack to improve the already precise responses on the standard 05. Arguably the biggest upgrade, though, is the new engine: it's still a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder, but has been tuned up by another 100 ponies to a rather meaty 385-hp.

No prizes for correctly guessing, then, that the Vuhl 05RR is a seriously quick car. Not only does Vuhl claim some pretty extraordinary performance statistics for the car (namely the 0-60mph time of just 2.7 seconds), but the 05RR's power-to-weight ratio of 600-hp per ton means this tiny little two-seater can theoretically humble more high end supercars. Maybe not the Bugatti Chiron we saw monsters its way up the Goodwood hill climb route, but certainly enough to keep the likes of the Ferrari F12tdf and McLaren 675LT honest. Long story short, Vuhl may be a relative minnow in the road-legal track car world, but there's no denying it's properly entered the big leagye of the market with the 05RR.

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