VW Beetles About to be Exported from Mexico to China

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Volkswagen plans on exporting the newly redesigned Beetle from its manufacturing base in Mexico to a new Chinese market.

Volkswagen is looking to expand its Chinese market share as the upcoming Beetle goes on sale in markets around the world starting in October. VW execs are not expecting the latest version of the popular Beetle to approach the same as the original model, but the German automaker does hope that the upcoming Beetle will serve as an entry level vehicle that will add demand for the rest of the line-up. The strategy would help Volkswagen make a bigger impact in the ever important Chinese market.

The result would help the German automaker gain some more momentum battling GM in the Asian country. A few other automakers have also followed in the same path as Volkswagen, including Fiat, which has adapted the same strategy to focus on the Chinese market with their 500 series. According to The Detroit Bureau, VW stated that the upcoming 2012 Beetle will target posh and lucrative cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and of course, Hong Kong. VW also hopes the Beetle's distinct personality will help it catch on with Chinese buyers. Up until now, VW has sold the Beetle all around the world except in China.

The Beetle has been manufactured in Mexico for decades and has been exported from there to the Unites States, and now, the popular bug will make its journey all the way to China.


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