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VW Camper Van and RS2000 Go Green for EcoVelocity 2011

A newly green friendly Volkswagen Camper Van and Ford Escort RS2000 make their way to the EcoVelocity 2011 event in the UK next month.

Upgraded versions of the old Ford Escort RS2000 and VW Camper Van are making their way to this year's EcoVelocity Motor Show in the UK from September 8th-11th. Both vehicles are meant to show that by using modern fuel-saving technologies, gasoline and diesel engines are still relevant today. The experimental EcoVelocity Ford Escort RS2000 features a modern 1.6-liter Ti-VCT engine along with stop-start technology, thermal management, ABS/ESP safety systems and a direct injection system.

The EcoVelocity Volkswagen Camper Van features a modern 1.6-liter TDI engine as well as stop-start technology, thermal management, ABS/ESP safety systems and exhaust gas systems for efficiency. Both "new" vehicles feature the latest in green technology and independent engineers have even confirmed the mechanical viability for all of the work done to each of the vehicles. According to EcoVeloctiy founder Giles Brown: "Both of these vehicles had monstrous C02 emission figures by today's standards...and this experiment shows that, with the right application of technology, the good old combustion engine has a good 20 years left in it yet."

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