VW Could Retain Legacy Model Names For Future EVs

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Not all EVs will necessarily get the ID. prefix.

We've just seen the reveal of the latest Volkswagen Jetta and Jetta GLI, and both look like excellent offerings once again. But with Volkswagen focusing more on electric vehicles, with the long-term goal of becoming totally CO2 neutral, it's cars like the ID.5 and the ID.Buzz van that will become more common. Does that then mean that Volkswagen will eventually do away with iconic names like the Golf and its sedan sibling, the Jetta? It wouldn't make much sense, as Volkswagen's reveal of the Jetta said that the sedan is the "best-selling VW for more than 30 years". So will Volkswagen electrify the Jetta and other conventional models in order to continue their legacy?


Well, the reveal of the Jetta saw CarScoops ask just such a question, and the response that VW provided was that "conventional names are not off the table for EVs - it's definitely an option". This seems a little confusing, since the ID. brand was created specifically for Volkswagen's EVs. However, throwing away the familiarity that buyers have become accustomed to in these well-loved nameplates like Jetta would certainly be wasteful, and so Volkswagen says that electrified versions of traditional cars could live "alongside" these new ID.-branded vehicles. One possibility is that Volkswagen makes two cars that look the same but have different underlying platforms, with one being the "new" ID. car and the other getting "ID." as a suffix to retain the familiarity of the original name.

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With this strategy, Volkswagen could offer futuristic styling in all-new electric vehicles like the ID.5 while giving more traditional buyers the option of a familiar body design and model name that now just runs on electric power. This approach could help to sway those who refuse to adopt EVs and would make sense in the long-term too.

Hyundai has its Ioniq sub-brand and Mercedes its EQ sub-brand, but what happens in 20 or 30 years when all cars are electric? Such a scenario could make the whole idea of a sub-brand redundant if all its focus is on electrification. Our takeaway is that all brands are likely to keep their EV sub-brands as the showcase for the latest and greatest tech, while traditional models will slowly become electrified too, with more affordable pricing and familiar design cues.

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