VW Could've Cheapened the US-Spec Golf But Didn't

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And for very, very good reasons.

Automakers, aside from building cars, are here to make a profit. It's that simple. And when we hear of an automaker moving production of any given model to a country with cheaper labor costs, often times the car itself is cheapened, and consumers get pissed off. Examples include less than stellar interior materials or substandard build quality. In the case of the all-new seventh-gen US market Golf, VW shifted production to Mexico to cut production costs.

However, it actually invested those savings into better engines and top quality interiors. VW could have even reduced the price tag of the Golf as well, but preferred to keep it roughly the same as last year. The only exception is the diesel model, which received a price cut of $3,000. Yes, VW is still pushing diesel sales in the US, and Americans are beginning to respond. But the Golf lineup, as a whole, retains its quality. Heck, even the GTI's base price decreased somewhat: it's $100 less than last year, and the GTI has improved in all categories. Even with these savings, the entire 2015 Golf lineup is a solid improvement over its predecessor. We'd expect nothing less from the best all-around hatchback on the market.

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