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VW Develops New Headlights And Taillights That Can Talk To You

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This technology has some very interesting uses.

In recent years, we've seen rapid advancement in headlight technology. Laser headlights from Audi and BMW are among the most advanced, cutting out specific portions of lights so as not to blind oncoming cars. While US safety restrictions may hamper headlight innovation, this hasn't stopped automakers from developing incredible technology.

A few months ago, Mercedes revealed new headlights that could project messages onto the road. Now, Volkswagen has taken this technology one step further with headlights and taillights that can display messages and warnings to other drivers.

The new interactive headlights and taillights have up to 30,000 lights points and can be used to project 3D holograms into virtual space. We think the idea sounds extremely cool and VW has already released a set of images showing off what these headlights and taillights can do.

One of their functions is called "Optical Lane Assist." This allows the headlights to project a virtual lane onto the road, showing the driver how wide their vehicle is, even if they are towing a trailer. The lights can also project the path of the car, which can help alert pedestrians and other drivers which direction the car is moving in.

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VW's system can also use the taillights to display messages to other drivers. Imagine if you are driving on the highway, and the car in front of you displays a message on its taillights saying the traffic is about to stop due to an accident. This is far safer than basic taillights, which simply glow brighter when the brake pedal is pressed. It may be a while before we see this technology in a production car but it looks like an exciting new piece of safety tech that we'd love to have on our car.