VW e-Co-Motion Electrifies the Van

Forget about Darth Vader. This is how his Storm Troopers would get around on the ground in a galaxy not so far away.

Commercial vans don’t usually grab our attention much, but Volkswagen’s came to Geneva this year with a rather intriguing new concept wagon. Called the e-Co-Motion, the futuristic van looks like a storm trooper transport. It's powered by an electric motor in the back with 113 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque and a 20 kWh battery under the modular floor that could, in theory, be adapted to a variety of uses. A 20 kWh battery could last for up to 62 miles, a 30 kWh pack to 93 miles and a 40 kWh cell could send it along for 124 miles.

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