VW, FCA Partnership Could Yield Amarok-Based Dodge Dakota Revival

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Finally FCA and Volkswagen are talking about going through with an automotive match made in heaven.

Like those two friends you always see flirting that just need to ask each other out already, Volkswagen and FCA have been locked in a courting dance for quite a while, with Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne casually suggesting that Volkswagen buy up the Italian-American auto giant to solidify its status as world's largest automaker and get FCA out of debt and maximize the potential behind its brands. Volkswagen has played hard-to-get for the longest time, but it may have finally caved.


We now have the satisfying pleasure of announcing that the two automakers have finally sat down to talk about a partnership, according to Automotive News. It'll start slow, with the two automakers looking to join together in the unsexy commercial vehicles division, specifically in the truck and van segment. It could, however, yield an FCA/Volkswagen truck to compete with the likes of the Chevy Colorado and upcoming Ford Ranger, perhaps even a revival of the Dodge Dakota. "It's still very vague, we have to see if this will be pursued," said an anonymous source familiar with the negotiations to Automotive News. Such a truck would be derived from the next generation Volkswagen Amarok.

Less sexy but just as useful alternative derivatives of this fantasy partnership include a city van like the Ram ProMaster City and Volkswagen Caddy. These options, however, remain a still-distant dream given that the two companies are only in the initial phases of talks. The Wall Street Journal reports that Volkswagen isn't interested in furthering the partnership beyond the commercial vehicles division, which is unfortunate because FCA could really stand to benefit from Volkswagen's heavy investment into next-generation electric powertrains to secure its own future. Not only that but we wouldn't mind if the more established and quality-concerned German company handed the reins of Alfa Romeo and Maserati to Volkswagen AG.

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It's done another iconic Italian brand, Lamborghini, some good so imagine how FCA's premium brands could do under the same scrutiny. Neither Volkswagen or FCA have commented on the arrangement, so all current talk may as well be pure fantasy. Keep them fingers crossed guys.

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