VW Golf is the Keing of Scohttish Carrs


McLaren wasn't even nominated.

The Scotts might not have had their own king for a few hundred years, but in the automotive world there is one car that rules the roads. The 2013 VW Golf went on sale in January and has, for the first time, been named 2013 Scottish Car of the Year. Allisdaire Suttie, President of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, believes that the car is "solid, reassuring and every car you'll ever need."

Robert Hazelwood, Director of Volkswagen UK said: "2013 has ben the year of the Golf. It has won awards on both a European and world stage - but the UK awards are the one which have the most tangible results." In addition to the Scottish acclaim, the 7th generation Golf has won both World Car and European Car of the Year awards and to date has sold over 30 million units, 1.6 million of those in the UK. Hazelwood added: "From the standard hatchback, through the GTI and GTD, there is a Golf to suit every need and desire."


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