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VW Has Its Eyes on Alfa

Word out of the Volkswagen group recently is that the German autogiant wants to buy Alfa Romeo from Fiat. Although Fiat's CEO states that Alfa is not for sale, if VW were to acquire the brand it would be a handsome addition to the company's sprawling 10-brand lineup. VW's Chairman believes that everything has a price, and Fiat is no exception and will change its mind and sell Alfa in the next couple of years. Do we foresee total German domination on the horizon in the auto industry? Possibly.

Last year Alfa publicly acknowledge that the brand was not doing as well as Fiat wanted, and unless it stopped hemorrhaging money, Fiat would close the brand. The sporty brand, however, rebounded and launched the Giulietta in Europe earlier this year, and plans to add more models, as well as extend over the pond to the U.S. markets. Looks like VW has its work cut out for it. Who knows what will happen in a short few years. Alfa could very well end up as part of the VW family in the future. Photos Displayed are of the 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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