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VW I.D. Hatchback EV Details Revealed On Twitter

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He couldn't wait to reveal some specs to the world.

Twitter is an interesting social media platform. It can obviously be used to discuss just about anything. President Trump knows this, as does a growing number of world leaders. It's no longer just a platform for some random person to announce they bought a new pair of shoes. As first reported by The Drive, Volkswagen board of management member Jürgen Stackmann has taken to Twitter to announce some fresh details regarding the upcoming I.D. all-electric vehicle.

Due to be revealed sometime in 2019, the first I.D.- branded model in the lineup will be a hatchback, as previewed by the concept pictured here. Not long ago it was revealed the 2020 VW I.D. hatchback would be priced below $23,000. But it was on Twitter a few days ago that some official specs were divulged.

Stackmann wrote the I.D. will have an estimated maximum driving range of 342 miles in WLTP testing. Chances are, the I.D. will be equipped with a 111 kWh battery. Like Tesla, VW will also deploy software updates over the air. Stackmann also stated customers will be able to secure an early production slot for the I.D. starting this spring. The Volkswagen I.D. family will all share the same platform as well as a number of components, including batteries. The hatchback will be the first body style, followed by a crossover and, hopefully, a modern version of the iconic VW bus. The recently revealed I.D. Buzz Cargo is also expected to make production and could be sold in the US as well.

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VW has yet to announce an official reveal date, but sources indicate the I.D. hatchback will premiere this coming spring. Its initial two main competitors, within its price range, are expected to be the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf. There's also the new Hyundai Kona EV crossover. While the all-electric vehicle market in the US only consists of a small number of owners at the moment, automakers are banking on some big changes in the near future.