VW ID.4 GTX Unveiled As An Electric GTI

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It's a GTI crossover for the eco-conscious set.

The dual motor, all-wheel drive Volkswagen ID.4 GTX debuted in Europe today. The new high-performance EV will join the company's family as the first X badged car, but it won't be the last. During the press conference VW also gave us a preview of the ID.5 GTX, coming later this year.

But today is about the sporty ID.4 GTX, which will feature an all-wheel drive powertrain with two motors producing 295 hp. That's good for a sprint to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. The rear motor is of the permanent magnet type while the front is an asynchronous motor. It has the same size battery pack as the ID.4, meaning 77 kWh of usable energy.

The new Volkswagen has an "intelligent control system" that divvies up the power front to rear. It most situations power will go rearward, until that front motor finds a reason to kick in. The ID.4 GTX, like our ID.4, doesn't get one-pedal driving, but it will slow at a rate of about 0.3g using the motor. You can regenerate energy with the brakes in drive. In B mode regeneration starts happening as soon as you let off the pedal, but it won't come to a stop.


We're going to get a dual-motor ID.4 here too, along with a smaller, cheaper version of the electric crossover. We don't think it will be named GTX, but power outputs will be similar. The current ID.4, for reference, delivers 201 hp from its single rear engine.

During the press conference, VW showed the ID.4 GTX climbing a 37.5-degree incline with sweeping mountain roads and other nature views projected onto it as the GTX cruised across. Climbing a huge hill seems like a metaphor for VW's road ahead.


The exterior features new 21-inch optional wheels, 20s are standard, along with new head and taillight treatments. The GTX will come in louder colors, with black and anthracite spoilers and roofs. Where the fog lights would be, three diamond-shaped lights appear. It also gets new bumpers over the base ID.4.

"The full torque of the electric powertrain is immediately available, and you can feel the excellent vehicle handling in every bend," says Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Board of Management for Development. "What's more, the innovative operating and safety concept is just as intelligent as the drive train! For example, the driver is supported by the unique augmented reality head-up display and comprehensive assist systems."


The interior looks great with blue leatherette and red accent stitching. The GTX logo appears on the steering wheel, sill panel trims and at the top of the front seat backrests. The new VW will also feature an augmented reality head-up display, though it didn't go into more detail. We're hoping it uses a larger portion of the window than the usual little box. Like our ID.4, the pedals are marked with play and pause notations.

The ID.4 GTX goes on sale this summer in Europe. In Germany it will stickers for 50,415 euros, which converts to $61,987.


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